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"The Pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity, the optimist sees opportunity is every difficulty" - Winston churchill

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What is Flyball?


Flyball is essentially a relay race.
A team of 4 dogs independently race down 4 hurdles, collect a tennis ball from a box and race back to the handler, negotiating the 4 hurdles on return. Once the dog has crossed the start/finish line, the next dog then takes its turn. If a dog drops the ball on the way back or does not come back over the jumps, the dog is required to run again.

The winning team in the first team back with 4 clear runs.

A team can consist of up to six dogs and handlers but only four compete in each round. The ball loader has to ensure a new tennis ball is loaded on each occasion and shouts instructions to the dogs.

The sport is fast and frantic, and of course noisy! All breeds of dogs can take part as the hurdles reflect the height of the smallest dog in the team.

However, it used to be Border Collies that dominate the sport due to their speed, agility and desire to work but to compete for Crufts, there must be at least one "non collie". Scunthorpe do however run some very quick Labradors and Crossbreeds in their teams.


Unfotunately our club no longer runs Flyball classes.