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"The Pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity, the optimist sees opportunity is every difficulty" - Winston churchill

Whats New...  
 26.3.24 - Obedience prices updated   //   8.4.24 - Agility Training Times updated

** SOATC - Celebrating 50 years since its registration with the UK Kennel Club **



What is Obedience?


The main focus of our life skills / obedience training is for general pet owners. We train owners to help their dogs with life skills for fun, in a relaxed atmosphere, using only kind and positive training methods.  These skills include general obedience, safe socialising, confidence building, bonding and fun games.  Our club also supports and promotes the Kennel Club Good Citizen Training Scheme offering Bronze, Silver and Gold.  Each test includes a range of exercises specifically aimed at day to day activities such as walking in the street, playing in the park, travelling in a car, feeding, grooming and socialising.


The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme is the largest dog training scheme in the UK. Its aim is to promote responsible dog ownership and in turn, enhance our relationship with our pets and to make the community aware of the benefits associated with dog ownership.

Membership and Fees (Click Here for Membership Form)

Puppy Class (Max 6 per class)

All puppies up to approx. 6 months of age, dependant on experience, can attend classes after final puppy vaccination. 
Please ensure you book onto a course to ensure a place, dates and times will be advised with your enquiry.

Initial 6 week course is £35.00 for the full course which includes 1 year Membership to the club.
Additional 6 week courses will then reduce to £25.00


Classes cover Skills for life including basic pet obedience, focus, play, safe socialising, handling, sit, down, recalls, loose lead walking, stay's as well as manners around food, dogs and people, canine enrichment and trick training.  Enhancing how to interact, bond and play with your puppy, confidence building, offering advise on tools for training and toys to play with, as well as the usual trouble shooting queries.  Progress into the Advanced Classes.    

Clubs own Puppy Certificates issued.

Foundation Class (Adult Dogs - Max 8 per class)

Please ensure you book onto a course to ensure a place, dates and times will be advised with your enquiry.

Initial 6 week course is £35.00 which includes 1 year Membership to the club.

Additional 6 week course will then reduce to £25.00.

Learn about basic dog obedience, focus, play, manners, safe socialising and how dogs learn. Introducing canine enrichment ideas, tricks and sports into training. Look at Good Citizen Schemes and progress into advanced classes.

Clubs own Foundation Certificate issued.

Advanced Class (Adult Dogs - Max 8 per class)

Please ensure you book onto a course to ensure a place, dates and times will be advised with your enquiry.

Initial 6 week course is £35.00 which includes 1 year Membership to the club.

Additional 6 week course will then reduce to £25.00.

Please Note...

  • If you have a dog with a serious behavioural problem, they will most probably not be suitable to attend in a class situation – please contact the club before booking lessons.  Some dogs are simply too scared, nervous or fear aggressive to join in group sessions and it would only make matters worse for them, not better.  Therefore, we ask all owners to be open and honest for all concerned so that we can offer the best advice.  They may be referred to a behaviourist, or we can offer an individual assessment session if applicable.
  • Certificates issued for passing clubs own in-house Puppy and Foundation tests.
  • Kennel Club Good Citizen certification issued on tests dates which are scheduled throughout the year  – dates to be arranged.
  • Contact Gill via email or or 01724 874373 and leave a message, if you have any queries, or wish to book a course.
  • Vaccination Cards are required on week one of your first course.

Training Times

Puppies (vaccinated - up to 6 months old approx.)

Spring/Summer - Saturday Mornings - There are two class times, to be advised at time of enquiry

Autumn/Winter - Saturday or Sunday Mornings - There are two class times, to be advised at time of enquiry

Foundation Class (Adults Dogs)

Spring/Summer - Saturday Mornings - There are two class times, to be advised at time of enquiry

Autumn/Winter - Saturday or Sunday Mornings - There are two class times, to be advised at time of enquiry

Advanced Class (Adults Dogs)

Saturday - Several class times, progression from Puppy Courses and Foundation Class and KC Good Citizen Scheme.

Meet our Trainers

Gill Charles


Gill became a member of SOATC back in 2004 with her first rescue dog Harvey who initially had issues towards other dogs. Through the club and the patient trainers there, Harvey passed all levels of the KC Good Citizen Scheme (Bronze, Silver and Gold) and often helped out in classes! Whilst training with Harvey, Gill became very interested in how dogs think and learn and how to build a better relationship with them. The use of positive training methods has shown her how intelligent, eager and adaptable they really are, whilst still having such great character. In 2008, Gill achieved a 3 year Foundation Degree in Canine Behaviour and Training at Bishop Burton College, taking Harvey and her 2nd rescue dog Boomer to all the practical sessions as part of the degree. A small part of the course included learning Agility and Heelwork to Music to pass a module which she loved doing with both dogs, and has since become an agility competitor – having fun with Boomer, then Chester and now Sam, her Irish rescue. Also, part of Gill's work experience whilst at college was teaching classes at SOATC during 2007, offering training techniques and basic behavioural advice to pet dog owners. After several years, Gill became the Head of Obedience helping other trainers hone their own skills in taking classes. This includes attending seminars, on-line courses and in-house training to keep up to date with current dog training methods, ideas and enrichment for our four legged friends. Since taking on a Romanian rescue, Amber, Gill fully understands the need to constantly adapt, listen and learn when it comes to helping dogs live in our world. It gives Gill a great sense of pleasure to see an owner and dog working together as a team and having fun doing so, as well as presenting Club awards to the many that pass our pet obedience levels.

Faye Marshall


Faye joined SOATC in January 2014 with her first puppy Maddie, a border collie. Having never owned a puppy before, never mind a collie, she wanted to get it right. SOATC was recommended by a friend and before long Faye and Maddie were working their way through the Good Citizen scheme, passing the Silver test and practising all the Gold elements. The positive training methods taught at the club helped her to understand and develop her relationship with Maddie. So much so that in March 2015, Faye decided to help out with the puppy classes with the aim of becoming a trainer. Faye now takes the Puppy Advanced classes and Bronze/Silver KC Classes as well as covering for Puppy and Gold. Faye continues to increase her knowledge in the dog training world by attending seminars, taking courses on-line and in person, as well as her continual in-house training bringing her natural, enthusiastic teaching skills into play. Faye also owns a small flock of Hebridean sheep and she hopes that one day she will have a “working” sheep dog. Macie the Labrador also comes training now and again. She enjoys a good run around with the other dogs.

Caroline Rayner


Caroline started training at SOATC in 2002 with her first dog Kim, a lovely black Labrador who had issues towards some dogs after being bitten by another dog when younger. Kim was a very fun loving, bouncy girl who loved food and toys and was eager to learn. Through the training, Caroline learned how to understand dogs better, their basic needs, but also how their fears and emotions can impact on their behaviour. Building a bond and trust is paramount. Caroline also took on another rescue Labrador/collie cross called Ty who is super friendly with everyone and everything, is ball obsessed but also eager to learn. Ty has achieved his KC Bronze and Silver and is working on his Gold with his ‘friends’ in class. Caroline became an assistant trainer in 2018 and has progressed by taking on the Foundation Advanced and Gold classes to help owners and dogs develop their basic skills whilst having some fun with their dogs. Caroline and Ty have been part of the clubs demo team at displays and he is affectionately known as ‘The Naughty one’ – he is a real character and makes everyone laugh. Caroline also adopted an old spaniel, Josh, in his later years, and had to learn how to help an ageing deaf and almost blind dog still have a good quality of like, fun and enjoyment. Trust, bonding and canine enrichment helped him to the end. Carolines in-house and on-line training continues, developing her skills in the dog training world.

Maggie Healey


Maggie has always had a love for animals and in particular dogs. After achieving an Animal Care Diploma back in 2011, finally in 2016, she got her very own dog - an ex-street dog from Romania. Roma presented a lot of challenges that, as a first time dog owner, Maggie was not equipped to deal with. However after a lot of research, time and patience she learnt to adapt and overcome things together. Roma set Maggie on the track to gain as much knowledge about dog training and behaviour as possible. With Roma’s smartness and willingness to learn new tricks, she taught Maggie how to be a better teacher and friend. In 2019 they competed in their first heelwork to music competition, placing 4th. They also gained Bronze and Silver Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme Awards through SOATC. In 2020, due to Covid they have continued their training and learning experiences on-line, gaining a 1st in Starters Heelwork to Music, 3rd in Freestyle and doing on-line Competitive Obedience. After attending training classes at the club, Maggie started to assist in classes in during 2019. She quickly showed she had the skills and patience to start taking her own classes and teaching ome of the new Starter Puppy classes. Showing life skills, socialising, play and tricks as well as covering pups general learning and young dog issues. Maggie now wants to adapt this knowledge in order to help other dogs and owners create a stronger bond!

Class Assistants - Faith & Lucy


General Information

  • Always bring plenty of small, tasty treats and a favourite toy.
  • Always keep your dog on a lead unless the instructor says otherwise.  Harnesses are welcome and head collars are OK to use.
  • Be aware of other dogs and owners, particularly young pups.  Please respect their distance for all concerned and allow each other plenty of space.
  • Always check the website or Facebook page prior to each class to ensure there are no last minute changes or cancellations.
  • Always clean up after your dog – bin provided near the gates.
  • It is wise to arrive early to exercise and toilet your dog before class. Try not to feed your dog a full meal before training.
  • No bitches in season please – but do attend class yourself if you can!
  • Dress for the weather - most training (especially for adult dogs) will take place outdoors during the summer.  Winter training may be indoors for some classes only.
  • Reward based methods only – NO Harsh handing, NO full check chains or physical punishment etc. allowed.
  • Children/family members are welcome, however, please be fully responsible for their care and ensure they know how to behave around dogs.
  • Please refrain from smoking and using mobile phones or other devices during class.
  • Parking available - please ensure access for all other cars in both classes and access to the field must be available at all times for emergency services if required.
  • All our trainers are non-paid volunteers who want to share their knowledge on how to train dogs using positive reward based methods only.
  • As our trainers are volunteers, they may change for each class dependent on availability and will not be available 24/7 to answer questions immediately on Facebook - please be patient.
  • If anyone wishes to have some fun that is self-rewarding by volunteering as a helper or to become a trainer, please contact Gill Charles via her email address as above or SOATC Facebook page.
  • Come along and have some fun.

We appreciate your cooperation to make classes as safe and as fun as possible. Thank you.