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In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.

Whats New...  
 **22.07.18  KCAI Accredited, Agility1st Trainer Certificates Uploaded- See Agility Page**
**20.06.18 - Foundation waiting list now closed - See Agility Page**


What is Obedience?


The main focus of our obedience training is for general pet owners. Our club supports and promotes the Kennel Club Good Citizen Training Scheme. There are 4 levels to this scheme - Puppy, Bronze, Silver and Gold - which include a range of exercises specifically aimed at day to day activities such as walking in the street, playing in the park, travelling in a car, feeding, grooming etc. Also, as part of the Kennel Club Good Citizen Training Scheme, training is given in the responsibilities of dog ownership as well as a basic understanding of the relationships between dogs and people.

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme is the largest dog training scheme in the UK. Its aim is to promote responsible dog ownership and in turn, enhance our relationship with our pets and to make the community aware of the benefits associated with dog ownership.

Our training methods are kind and reward-based to achieve happy and well trained dogs.

Membership and Fees (Click Here for Membership Form)

Puppy Class

(All puppies up to the age of 6 months, dependant on experience can attend classes after final puppy vaccination)
Initial 6 week course is £20.00 which includes 1 year Membership to the club.
Additional 6 week courses will then reduce to £15.00
Basic pet obedience, including sit, down, recall, loose lead walking, stay's as well as manners around food, dogs and people. How to interact and play with your puppy including tools for training and toys to play with. Puppy good citizenship and trouble shooting.

Foundation Class (Adult dogs)

Max 10 dogs per class – please book your place prior to the start of the course to avoid disappointment.
Initial 6 week course is £20.00 which includes 1 year Membership to the club. Additional 6 week course will then reduce to £15.00. Learn about basic dog obedience, manners, socialising, play and how dogs learn. Introducing tricks and sports into training. Look at Good Citizen Schemes and progress into advanced classed.

Please Note...

  • If you have a dog with a serious behavioural problem, they will most probably not be suitable to attend in a class situation – please contact the club before booking lessons. They may be referred to a behaviourist.
  • Certificates issued for passing clubs own in-house Puppy and Foundation tests.
  • Kennel Club Good Citizen certification issued on tests dates which are scheduled during 2016 – dates to be arranged.
  • Contact Gill on 01724 874373, or email if you have any queries, or wish to book a course.
  • Vaccination Cards are required on week one of your first course.

Training Times

Puppies aged 3+ months old

Saturday Mornings, 10.00am - 10.45am

Foundation Class (Adults Dogs)

Saturday Mornings, 11.00am - 12.00pm

Advanced Class (Adults Dogs)

Saturday Afternoons, 12.00pm - 1.00pm

Meet our Trainers

Gill Charles


Gill became a member of SOATC back in 2004 with her first rescue dog Harvey who initially had issues towards other dogs. Through the club Harvey passed all levels of the KC Good Citizen Scheme (Bronze, Silver and Gold). Gill's other rescues Boomer and Chester are now achieving Gold Level status.

Whilst training with Harvey and through the other trainers there, Gill became very interested in how dogs think and learn and our relationship with them. The use of positive training methods has shown her how intelligent, eager and adaptable they really are, whilst still having such great character. In 2008, Gill achieved a 3 year Foundation Degree in Canine Behaviour and Training at Bishop Burton college. Part of Gill's work experience whilst at college was teaching classes at SOATC during 2007, offering training techniques and basic behavioural advice to pet dog owners. It gives Gill a great sense of pleasure to see an owner and dog working together as a team and having fun doing so, as well as presenting Club awards to the many that pass our pet obedience levels.

Gill admits she is one of many lost souls who has become hooked on agility and has 2 dogs that compete on a regular basis. Gill's ultimate goal is to have as many dogs as possible working in harmony with their owners, bonding and living together with the use of positive training methods.

Shirley Frankcom


Shirley first joined a dog training club as a child in 1960, and this was the beginning of a life long interest in dogs. She has been a member of SOATC since 1989. Shirley has owned Shetland Sheepdogs, Crossbreeds, Border Collies and Belgian Shepherd Dogs; both puppies and older rescue dogs. She has competed successfully in agility, obedience, working trials, and the breed show ring. Over the years, Shirley has seen several changes in training methods. She was an enthusiastic convert to clicker training in the early 1990s, and completed the Advanced Canine – Human Interface course with the Animal Care College in 2000. She is committed to reward based training, and enjoys helping people to get the best from their new canine companions.

Marie McGregor


Marie became a full member and trainer at SOATC in 2011 after gaining experience from training and eventually running Broughton Dog Training for over 10 years. Marie is now one of the main trainers at SOATC teaching puppies and adult dogs through all the clubs own award schemes as well helping them achieve the Bronze, Silver and Gold KC Good Citizen Awards. Marie became very interested in how dogs think and learn, after taking on a rescue Labrador x Collie called Bruce. Bruce was very nervous around people but with a lot of positive training became much more trusting and worked his way to be a Gold level Obedience Dog. A rescued German Shepherd Cross, Wallace and then a Border collie, Mac followed with their Gold Level Obedience certificates. The beautiful Bella (her other border collie) often helps socialise dogs that are nervous and brings them out of their shell, so they too can enjoy their training. In 2012, Marie achieved a HNC in Canine Behaviour and Training at Bishop Burton College. Part of Marie's work experience whilst at college was teaching classes at SOATC offering training techniques and basic behavioural advice to pet dog owners. It gives Marie a great sense of pleasure to see an owner and dog working together and having fun doing so, as well as watching Club awards being presented to the many that pass our pet obedience levels. Marie’s ultimate goal is to show all owners that positive training is the best option for their relationship with their best friend. Marie is an advocate of clicker training and enjoys showing owners this method as an additional option for positive training.

Faye Marshall


Faye joined SOATC in January 2014 with her first puppy Maddie, a border collie. Having never owned a puppy before never mind a collie, she wanted to get it right. SOATC was recommended by a friend and before long Faye and Maddie were working their way through the Good Citizen scheme. They passed the Silver test in December 2014 and are currently working towards the Gold award. The positive training methods taught at the club helped her to understand and develop her relationship with Maddie. So much so that in March 2015, Faye decided to help out with the puppy classes with the aim of becoming a trainer. Faye also owns a small flock of Hebridean sheep and she hopes that one day she will have a “working” sheep dog. Macie the Labrador also comes training now and again. She enjoys a good run around with the other dogs.

Donna Naylor


Donna has worked as a trainer at the club since 2014. She developed an interest in dog behaviour and positive training after training her own dogs at the club. She has a particular interest in using positive training techniques with reactivity issues in dogs. Donna runs her own dog walking and training business where she works with various dog breeds with varying needs, including reactive dogs. She is studying the Instructing Pet Dog Owners qualification with the International Animal Behaviour Training Centre. She is also training to be a dog groomer.

Sara Peall


Sara has been a member of SOATC since 2012 with her first border collie Zac, now 4, who has passed all levels of the KC Good Citizen Scheme. All of the training that Sara uses to train her dogs is through positive methods and rewards. Zac is a very excitable dog that loves to learn new tricks and is currently competing in flyball. As well as training in obedience Sara also competes in agility with her 3 year old collie Tilly, who is grade 4, and her sister’s Jack Russell Terrier Megan, who is grade 6. As part of the SOATC small agility team Sara and Megan has qualified for Crufts 2016! She firmly believes that to compete effectively at any dog sport such as agility the dog needs to have good groundwork and that comes from positive obedience training as it increases their natural drive to want to work with you. Sara also has a 10 year old rescue dog Skipper and a 1 year old border collie Danny that is still in training. Sara has been an assistant trainer at SOATC since 2013.

Dee Roberts


Dee has been a member of SOATC since 1998 and has owned dogs for most of her life. Dee works for the RSPCA and Animal Rescue, and part of that work is to foster dogs and puppies that need socialising, training and re-homing. Davina has always owned a mixture of breed types (all rescues), from collies, lurchers, terriers and crossbreeds, which have all been trained using only positive reward based methods. Whilst they are very well behaved (usually!), they also retain their cheeky fun loving nature. Davina's interest in dog behaviour, their needs and training methods led her to achieve a HNC in Canine Behaviour and Training. She fully enjoys teaching her dogs new and stimulating activities which include fun tricks and Heelwork to Music moves. She has competed in flyball (at Crufts!) and competitive obedience, passing all levels of the KC Good Citizen Scheme. Dee now competes in agility and continues to seek and devise new games and activities that will stimulate her dogs brains and encourage them to learn.

General Information

  • Always bring small, tasty treats and a favourite toy.
  • Always keep your dog on a lead unless the instructor says otherwise.
  • Be aware of other dogs and owners, respect their distance for safety's sake.
  • Always clean up after your dog – bin provided near the gates.
  • It is wise to arrive early to exercise and toilet your dog before class. Try not to feed your dog a meal before training.
  • No bitches in season please – but do attend class yourself if you can!
  • Dress for the weather - most training will take place outdoors.
  • Reward based methods only – NO Harsh handing, no full check chains or physical punishment etc. allowed.
  • Parking available - please ensure access for all other cars in both classes - and access to the field must be available at all times for emergency services if required.
  • All our trainers are non-paid volunteers who want to share their knowledge on how to train dogs using positive reward based methods only.
  • As our trainers are volunteers, they may change for each class dependent on availability.
  • If anyone wishes to have some fun that is self rewarding by volunteering as a helper or to become a trainer, please contact Gill Charles via our contact page.

We appreciate your cooperation to make classes as safe and as fun as possible. Thank you.